Monday 12th September 2011


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  • Boom, Gloom, and the New Normal - A FREE E-BOOK
  • Elastochem Launches Black Master-Batch
  • Elastochem Offers ECO THERMOPLASTICS

  • Boom, Gloom, and the New Normal - A FREE E-BOOK

    Here is an opportunity to think outside the daily grind, and contemplate what's happening to our World.

    ICIS is publishing the 'Boom, gloom and the new normal - how Western baby boomers are changing global chemical demand patterns, again' ebook helping you to fully appreciate the changes that will affect chemical demand and to adjust your focus to profit from the new opportunities ahead.

    Elastochem Launches Black Master-Batch

    As many of you will already know, Elastochem has just landed our first shipment of Black Master-Batch.

    Sourced from a reputable and popular Chinese supplier (DWJ), Elastochem will now stock a range of Black Master-Batch options.

    Whether you are consider premium gardes for Injection or Film, or recyled environmental options, Elastochem's new offering will be at prices that will excite.

    For Samples and Data Sheets, please call our resident Master-Batch expert, Rhian Sadler on 0800 64 35 35.

    Elastochem Offers ECO THERMOPLASTICS

    Recylced Materials but with the same properties as Virgin.

    Have we got your attention??? Elastochem is proud to represent A. Schulman's innovative ECO THERMOPLASTICS compounds.

    With a focus on delivering sustainable environmental options, A. Schulman is leading the World's compounders in innovation by:

    1. Reducing Energy Consumption
    2. Using Recycled Materials
    3. Reducing Part Weight
    4. Removing Hazardous Materials
    5. Using Renewable Resources
    6. Substituting Painting

    Based on the overseas success of their initiative, you will become very familiar with brand names such as Schuladur PCR and Schulamid PC. New compounds that deliver on the above initiatives.

    If you want to improve your environmental footprint, please call James or Chris to discuss this new range of compounds.


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    • DWJ Black Masterbatch

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