Elastochem Newsletter April 2011
Thursday 7th April 2011


Welcome to Elastochem's Regular Newsletter, where we endeavour to keep you updated with the latest product developments, industry news, and events that may influence your business.

In this month's issue, Elastochem announces a new service to the plastics industry, while we also update you on some new product introductions to the NZ market. Happy reading.

In this edition:
  • Elastochem Accepts Credit Card Payments
  • ExxonMobil Chemical Opens New Technical Centre
  • Polypropylene Market Squeezed By Feedstocks
  • Elastochem Brings A. Schulman Engineering Plastics to NZ
  • Rotational Moulders Gear Up for their Annual Conference
  • Happy Easter!

  • Elastochem Accepts Credit Card Payments

    In what we believe is a Plastics Industry first, Elastochem is proud to announce that we now accept Credit Card for payment of your account.

    Elastochem will not be charging a fee for this service (Mastercard and Visa only), so here's an opportunity for you to put company costs on your credit card and rapidly earn the loyalty points I'm sure your credit card provider promotes.

    Please call Eileen on 0800 64 35 35 if you wish to make a payment via credit card.

    ExxonMobil Chemical Opens New Technical Centre

    Last week, ExxonMobil Chemical celebrated the opening of its Shanghai Technology Center at a ceremony in Shanghai's Zizhu Science-Based Industrial Park.

    The $90-million facility represents a critical link for development of new premium products which can be manufactured or distributed globally.

    The 27,000 square meter facility contains advanced analytical and testing laboratory equipment and commercial-scale product processing equipment, including blown and cast film extrusion, injection molding, compounding, and packaging. The facility is ExxonMobil Chemical's third largest technology center in the world.

    For further information on how NZ customers can maximise advantages from the Technical Centre, call Darryl on 0800 64 35 35.

    Polypropylene Market Squeezed By Feedstocks

    Demand growth for global commodity chemicals such as Polyproylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE) and Paraxylene (PX) will be above GDP up to 2015 as new markets are penetrated and there is further materials substitution.

    A large percentage of feedstock propylene comes from refineries as a by-product of gasoline. As ethylene production shifts to gas-rich regions worldwide, less propylene by-product is produced as well versus oil-based naphtha ethylene production.

    PP fabricators with fixed-price customer contracts are likely to suffer if they cannot pass the higher cost to their customers. They "may face a severe financial situation that could range from bankruptcy to breaking the contract," Bauman says. "During periods such as this, credit worthiness of customers is a much more critical issue that needs to be carefully assessed, lest suppliers get stuck with invoices that cannot be paid," he adds.

    However PP will remain a viable product long term, due to its specific properties that make it the material of choice for most of its applications.

    Elastochem has the widest range of Impact Copolymer Polypropylene grades in NZ ex store. To discuss your requirements and secure supply before further price rises, contact either James or Chris on 0800 64 35 35.

    Elastochem Brings A. Schulman Engineering Plastics to NZ

    Many of our customers will have already been introduced to A. Schulman Enginering Plastics, as James and Chris tour NZ with the Technical Manager from A. Schulman, Nick Sirgiannis.

    Elastochem is very proud to represent such a strong and growing supplier within the Asia Pacific region. This month we focus on SCHULAMID Nylons.

    The SCHULAMID® family covers a wide range of engineered compounds based on Polyamide 6, Polyamide 66, Polyamide 612, and Polyamide 12. SCHULAMID® grades are available for injection molding, extrusion and blow molding. Modified grades are also available for special processing technologies such as GID (gas assisted injection molding), WIT (water injection technology), laser marking and laser welding.

    In response to the continuous search for cost effective plastic materials A. Schulman has developed a new generation of glass fibre reinforced Polyamide compounds. SCHULAMID® 6 GF 30 TC is a 30% glass fibre reinforced compound based on PA6. The material is produced with tight specifications and excellent processing characteristics at very attractive prices. The material is based on prime ingredients only and does not contain any recycled materials.

    Rotational Moulders Gear Up for their Annual Conference

    The rotational moulding industry is on its way to Penang, Malaysia. With an innovative and memorable technical and social program, Rotomould 2011 is not to be missed.

    Rotomould 2011 will focus on a strong technical program that will integrate not only a range of presentations from within the industry but also will incorporate speakers that will assist you in the running of your business.

    International relationships will also play a major part of the event with delegates expected from Malaysia, India and the United Arab Emirates.

    Happy Easter!

    With kids struggling to survive the 12 week school term, and all the dramas that 2011 has thrown us all so far this year, I'm sure we are all looking forward to a break over Easter.

    Enjoy it, rejunvenate yourself, and keep healthy - Winter is on it's way!

    Cheers, The Elastochem Team.

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