Elastochem Newsletter April 2009  
Wednesday 22nd April 2009


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In this edition:
  • ExxonMobil Chemical's Vistamaxx Achieve FDA and EU-Directive Compliance
  • Santoprene Grades To Be Rationalised
  • Elastochem to represent Bayshore Industrial Masterbatch
  • Take a lesson from past economic and chemical downcycles and prepare to weather the storm

  • ExxonMobil Chemical's Vistamaxx Achieve FDA and EU-Directive Compliance

    ExxonMobil Chemical's Vistamaxx specialty elastomers and resinstargeted at flexible and rigid food packaging applications have received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the Food Contact Notification process. These grades, used in compounding and films, are also compliant with the compositional requirements of the EU-Directive 2002/72/EC for use in contact with food.

    Based on ExxonMobil Chemical's proprietary Exxpol metallocene technology, Vistamaxx specialty elastomers and resins offer a unique combination of sealability, adhesion, elasticity, flexibility, clarity and toughness. They also exhibit excellent compatibility with both polyethylene and polypropylene and are used as blend partners.

    Food packaging applications can benefit from Vistamaxx resins' outstanding film sealing performance stemming from broad compatibility, very low seal initiation temperature and high hot- tack.Typical applications for Vistamaxx specialty elastomers include food containers, kitchen tools and utensils, and toys. As Vistamaxx polymers improve flexibility and impact resistance without affecting tensile strength, they can help prevent cracking in these types of applications.

    Santoprene Grades To Be Rationalised

    As with all businesses, Elastochem is exploring cost efficiencies through reduced stock-holding. This will include reducing the grade slate of Santoprene TPV on offer.

    While we will continue to make available a wide range of shore hardness grades for FDA, Potable Water, Medical and General Purpose applications, some smaller volume grades will not be stocked. This has been forced on us to some degree as a minimum order from our supplier is now 1000kgs.

    We will contact you if any grade you are currently purchasing is to be discontinued, and will explore other grades as replacements.

    Elastochem to represent Bayshore Industrial Masterbatch

    Elastochem is pleased to announce another string to our bow - Bayshore Industrial Masterbatch.

    Bayshore Industrial opened a facility in Malaysia to support the continued growth of global sales. As part of this growth Elastochem will supply the high quality concentrates into New Zealand.

    James and Chris will be visiting you soon with our new competitive range.

    Take a lesson from past economic and chemical downcycles and prepare to weather the storm

    When strong headwinds meet the sea of supply.

    Here is an interesting article from ICIS NEWS regarding our industry.

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