Elastochem Announces New Agencies
Monday 8 August 2011


Elastochem are proud to announce that we have expanded our portfolio of quality suppliers, in our continuing effort to be your Solutions Provider!

  • Specialties Are Growing
  • CHEM-TREND Mould Release Agents
  • PREMIX GROUP For Controlling Static Electricity

  • Specialties Are Growing

    As you are aware, Elastochem has been expanding the products and services that we market to our New Zealand customers.

    In this newsletter we highlight two more speciality suppliers for the Injection and Rotational Moulding market.

    CHEM-TREND Mould Release Agents

    Chem-Trend is a global provider of high quality, high value manufacturing process aids with special focus on release agents.

    Mold Release Agents, Die Lubricants, Tire Paints, Purging Compounds and other process chemical specialties.

    Well known in the Rotational Moulding market, Chem-Trend products are now warehoused locally and distributed by Elastochem.

    Many of Chem-Trend's new, innovative Mono-Coat® release agents are available as either water-based or solvent-based formulations, and do not need a bake cycle prior to molding -- even after the application of a base-coat onto a clean mold. The result: better looking parts, shortened cycle times and substantial energy savings.

    PREMIX GROUP For Controlling Static Electricity

    PREMIX Group is the leading global supplier of electrically conductive plastics and other unique plastic solutions. Our products are widely used in different applications in e.g. Automotive, Chemical, Construction, Electronic, Medical and Mining industry.

    Our comprehensive product portfolio ranges from electrostatic dissipative IDP plastics for film blowing, blow molding, injection molding, and extrusion of foil, sheet, profiles, and pipes to highly conductive EMI grades.

    Premix is the only company offering electrically conductive plastics as conductive as 300 siemens/cm and also with strict controlled resistance, e.g. at 108 ohm cm. Our conductive plastics offer solutions to problems caused by static electricity or electromagnetic interference.

    Please take a look at the brand new product family of different recyclable thermoplastic materials for electronic devises: PREFLEX High temperature films. PREBOARD High Frequency Rigid Circuit Board substrate. PREPERM Enables Compact Antenna Designs. PRESEAL® TPE Highly Conductive Elastomers for EMI Gaskets and Grommets. PRETECH Unique Material for Cables & Electronics. PRETHERM Thermally Conductive Compounds and Elastomers for Controlling Excess Heat.


    Trusted Technologies With Value from:

    • ExxonMobil Chemical Polyethylene and Polypropylene
    • Santoprene® Rubber
    • ICO Polymers Compounds
    • A. Schulman Masterbatch & Engineering Plastics
    • Dequest® Phosphonates
    • Solutia Specialty Chemicals
    • Alpha Technologies
    • Welvic PVC
    • Bayshore Industrial Masterbatch
    • Chem-Trend
    • PREMIX Group

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