Elastochem Christchurch Earthquake Update
Thursday 24th February 2011


While our thoughts are with the people of Christchurch, Elastochem would also like to update you with our supply situation.

Firstly and most importantly, Chris and his family are safe and well, and have relocated to Auckland in the short-term. Thanks for all the kind messages from home and abroad.

In terms of logistics, Elastochem's warehouse at Chemfreight in Hornby, is thankfully undamaged and will be operating as normal from Friday 25th February. This warehouse holds all our polypropylene and polyethylene stocks for the South Island.

Unfortunately our Santoprene warehouse was not so lucky, hence we are expecting to be advised of stock losses there. However Elastochem does hold a full range of Santoprene stocks in our Auckland warehouse, hence we are still able to supply Santoprene country-wide.

Regarding the Port of Lyttelton, we have not had any containers held up there, so stock levels remain as reported to you.

For our Christchurch customers, we are here to support you. Please advise us when you are able to operate your businesses again and we will ensure timely deliveries of stocks.

Finally, the Team at Elastochem wishes all those effected by this tragedy all the best. We understand the grief, sorrow and uncertainty, however please remember we have experienced it before - it was not too long ago that you lost the first game, yet went on to win the comp!

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