Elastochem Launches Updated Website
Wednesday 22 June 2011


Elastochem are proud to announce that we have now launched our updated website.

As you are aware, Elastochem has been expanding the products and services that we market to our New Zealand customers.

As part of our expansion, we have launched an updated website listing all our products and services.

We will also be adding a new Client Login facility soon, to enable specific reporting to our customers. Watch this space...

Trusted Technologies With Value from:

  • ExxonMobil Chemical
  • Santoprene® Rubber
  • Dequest® Phosphonates
  • Solutia Specialty Chemicals
  • INEOS Melamines
  • Alpha Technologies
  • Welvic PVC
  • Bayshore Industrial Masterbatch
  • ICO Polymers Compounds
  • A. Schulman Masterbatch & Engineering Plastics

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ExxonMobil Chemical Polyolefins & Polypropylene

Santoprene® Rubber

Specialty Elastomers

Alpha Technologies

Dequest® Phosphonates

ICO Polymers & A. Schulman

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