Elastochem Newsletter June 2009
Thursday 4th June 2009


Welcome to Elastochem's Latest Newsletter. We endeavour to keep you updated with the latest product developments, industry news, and events that may influence your business.

In this edition:
  • Distributors Are Now Facing Their Most Difficult Year
  • How To Survive In Tricky Times
  • New Design Tool For Better Part Life & Performance
  • www.elastochem.co.nz updated

  • Distributors Are Now Facing Their Most Difficult Year

    "Those bastards are crying poverty - what a joke!" I hear you scream. But just wait a second, we are your business partners, so you should know a bit about us.

    Worldwide there have been many Merger & Acquisitions in both the Distributor market and their Suppliers. With this usually backed by Private Equity it may be time to consider how safe are your supply lines???

    Please read the following article as it highlights issues internationally which are replicated here in God's Own as you will recognise.

    I want to assure you, that Elastochem remains independently owned and only represents the World's best suppliers - ExxonMobil is not in financial trouble I assure you!

    How To Survive In Tricky Times

    Have we got your interest? Please read about some of the World's leading small and medium sized distributors are planning to survive.

    New Design Tool For Better Part Life & Performance

    Our friends at Santoprene.com have just launched an on-line Fluid Resistance Guide.

    Simple to use, just select your Santoprene Grade or Product, click on the Fluid it is exposed to, and up pops the results from rigorous testing.

    www.elastochem.co.nz updated

    Further to our announcements in our last newsletter regarding new suppliers within our portfolio, our website has been updated.

    www.elastochem.co.nz offers many links to valuable websites to background our products, hence please make some time for quality surfing.

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