Elastochem Newsletter October 2008
Monday 6th October 2008

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Welcome to Elastochem's October Newsletter. We endeavour to keep you updated with the latest product developments, industry news, and events that may influence your business.

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  • Santoprene® TPE Transparent and Translucent Grades
  • High Rubber Content Polypropylene
  • Dequest® Water Treatment Chemicals - Updated Website
  • Escorez® Hydrocarbon Resins - Online Brochure
  • Vistamaxx® specialty elastomers for PP modification

  • Santoprene® TPE Transparent and Translucent Grades

    ExxonMobil Chemcial has introduced a new range of Translucent and Transparent Thermoplastic Elastomer Grades under their Santoprene® TPE brand.

    Designed for grip applications in the kitchenware, consumer electronics, tools, small appliance and stationery markets, ExxonMobil TPE F471-60 exhibits excellent transparency with 82 percent light transmittance. The translucent grade, ExxonMobil TPE F371-60, has a light transmittance of 10 percent.

    Both new grades offer a unique combination of properties that make them dishwasher safe and ideal replacements for flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These TPEs also accept a range of special effects such as metallic, iridescent or transparent colors.

    ExxonMobil Specialty Elastomers bridge that gap between traditional polyolefins and thermoplastic elastomers.

    High Rubber Content Polypropylene

    Elastochem are proud to represent a new ICP ExxonMobil grade - PP8255E1.

    This 30MFI ICP has been engineered with a high rubber content. This means that you get a much higher impact resistance at a relatively high melt flow.

    Call us now for a Spec Sheet on 0800 64 35 35.

    Dequest® Water Treatment Chemicals - Updated Website

    The Thermphos Dequest Business is offering unique specialty additives to meet the needs of these industries that deal with water management or deal with processes or applications where water plays a crucial role.

    More than 40 years ago, Dequest pioneered the development of phosphonate based antiscalants. Dequest phosphonates have been the product of choice for antiscalants / dispersants / corrosion inhibitors / chelants in various applications for many years. Today Dequest offers a broad range of water management additives including Dequest phosphonates, Dequest P acrylic / maleic based (co-) polymers, Dequest PB biological polymers and tailor made products for specific applications.

    Escorez® Hydrocarbon Resins - Online Brochure

    ExxonMobil Chemical is a major worldwide supplier of hydrocarbon tackifier resins to the adhesives industry. Escorez hydrocarbon resins are amorphous, glassy, low molecular weight hydrocarbon polymers. They have tailored molecular weight distributions designed to fit specific application requirements.

    Hot Melt Adhesive formulators can select the right polymer from a broad family of ethylene copolymers tailored for adhesive applications including EscoreneTM EVA copolymers, as well as OptemaTM EMA(ethylene methyl acrylate), EnableTM ENBA (ethylene n-butyl acrylate), and EscorTM acid terpolymers. ExxonMobil Chemical also markets VectorTM styrenic block copolymers for pressure sensitive adhesives.

    To see the full range of Escorez Hydrocarbon Resins, an Online Brochure is now available.

    Vistamaxx® specialty elastomers for PP modification

    Improve the toughness of your PP-ethylene elastomer blends by incorporating very low amounts of Vistamaxx specialty elastomers as a compatibilizer.

    Incorporating Vistamaxx specialty elastomers as a major component in PP-based compounds yields soft, flexible, durable surfaces for automotive skins, commercial roofing membranes, and consumer applications. The potential for soft applications is limited only by your imagination.

    Vistamaxx specialty elastomers provide excellent adhesion to conventional or metallocene PP and PE, enhancing product design and flexibility. For example, bonding all forms of common homo-PP or RCP is attainable below the melting point of these polymers. This makes bonding to nonwovens, films, fibers or molded parts easy with Vistamaxx specialty elastomers.

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